AUDiM – Adults Upskilling in Digital Marketing

We support NGO´s workers to be more competitive in digital marketing. At this website you will find an access to the Microlearning courses and Digital Toolbox of Best Practice Examples. You can use all materials free of charge.

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News 6

Partners meeting in Burgh Haamstede

The opportunity to discuss the progress of the project was a meeting of partners in the Netherlands in April 2023. The discussion mainly concerned planning the presentation of the created microlearning courses to the interested public. Partners have completed the development phase of the project and currently translations take place in all involved countries. Outputs, microlearning courses, handbook and video podcasts are continously updated on this project website. Introduction of the results begins in June 2023.

News 5

Online Event

Erasmus+ project “AUDiM – Adults Upskilling in Digital Marketing” is supporting adults and NGO’s workers, who want to improve their digital marketing capability and skills and better understand ways in which they can be supported in transforming themselves to be more competitive in the labour market.
If you are interested in digital marketing, we are waiting for you in AUDiM introductory online event, where you will get more information about AUDiM educational materials - Microlearning courses, Digital Toolbox of best practice examples (videos and online handbook) for adults and NGO’s workers in digital marketing.
Event date and time: 21 April, 2023, 10 a.m. (CET time)
The event will be held in English.

Link to the Presentation record

Link to the ALL Digital weeks website

News 4

The 1st project Newsletter released

In November 2022, the first project Newsletter has been released! You can read about the project and the cooperation of partners organization.

News 3

Partners meeting in Ljubljana

Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia, was the second opportunity for partners in the AUDiM project to meet personally. The meeting took place on 13.-14.10.2022 and started with partners' presentations of the work done on micro-learning courses. All three main topics have been almost finished on the e-learning platform. Partners will continue with development of the video and handbook. The next meeting is planned in the Netherlands.

News 2

Partners meeting in Prague

In the days of 14th to 15th of July 2022 an AUDiM partners meeting took place in Prague. In the collaborative and nice atmosphere partners discussed mostly how to develop the micro-learning courses to be a useful tool for the target group, adult learners, especially the NGO´s employees. All partners have started with development the content already and after the meeting they secured their idea on how to continue.

News 1

Online Start up

Partner organizations from Lithuania, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Slovenia have started their almost two-year cooperation online at the beginning of 2022. There were two online meetings so far. There were important sessions to distribute the first tasks in the projects. Partners have agreed to meet again in July 2022 in Prague.